How Stella & Jaxson Began

Stella & Jaxson Photography officially began capturing precious moments in 2014, however it was a creative eye and endless imagination that started over 30 years ago that began this mother and daughter business today.  The name for Stella and Jaxson came from two of the family farm dogs, which were the initial subjects of the business.

Owner/Main Photographer and Videographer, Leann L. Cline, began taking pictures of places, persons, and animals of interest as a young child.  Inspired by the black and white photographs of her grandparents and parents led her to a personal interest with a camera.  Throughout the years, tad bits of her life were captures with the use of instant cameras, analog electronic cameras, digital cameras and video camcorders. While as a child in 4-H, Ms. Cline captured photos and video footage of her and other club members showing their livestock at competitive shows.  In her teens, Ms. Cline, was a subject of photography and video as an athlete, 4-H exhibitor, and Queen being featured in the local newspapers and news stations.  Formally educated and trained in the usage of photography, videography, and multi-media software systems this once personal side hobby has now become a part-time business adventure.  Of most interest, Ms. Cline enjoys capturing photography of natural scenic objects, animals, people, and sports action shots.  You can find her personal collection on Instagram and Facebook by searching for username LeannLCline.

Co-Owner/Photographer, Maggie Cline, began her passion for photography and videography as a young child.  Mrs. Cline, was active in various activities such as still and horse 4-H projects, which were captured by then black and white photography.  Throughout the years, the holidays, family gatherings, and special events led Mrs. Cline to begin her collection of photo albums that then inspired her daughter, Leann, interest in Photography.  Maggie has a creative eye for scenery and decorative pieces, which has allowed her to be selected and sought after to be a judge in 4-H still projects, participation in many craft shows, and she has assisted many ears as a 4-H advisor specializing in creative activities and events.  Mrs. Cline enjoys taking pictures of people, animals, and events.